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Fresh Perspectives is the Newsletter of Ethylene Control. Check back periodically for news that applies to the industry and agriculture in general.

Winter 2013

  • Our newest home refrigerator product
  • Railex ships coast to coast with Ethylene Control Filters
  • Ethylene Control Power Pellets kill rots, molds, bacteria and odors.
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Fall 2006

  • Quality produce for Tricar sales.
  • Ethylene Control Inc. 20 year anniversary.
  • The Incredible β€˜En’ edible E.G.G for the home refrigerator.
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Fall 2004

  • The Flower Market uses sachet with their flowers.
  • Pro Tree Nurseries has used EC-3+’s for 15 years.
  • SuperValu lowered their ethylene levels up to 98.9%.
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Winter 2003

  • Stone Fruit from Fruit Patch!
  • Mangoes from Ecuador
  • New Gala Apple Test Results
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Winter 2002

  • Mandarin Oranges and ECI
  • Ta-De Distributing, Nogales, AZ
  • Armstrong Top Pack, Ontario
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Spring 2001

  • Major Study, Australia
  • Wee-Ki Berries
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Summer 2000


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Fall 1999


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Spring 1999

Citrus/Oriental Vegetables

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Fall 1998

Tomatoes/Mold & Rot

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Summer 1997


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Winter 1997


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Winter 1996


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Fall 1996

Stone Fruit/Bananas

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Spring 1996


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Fall 1995


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